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Lillian and Jeff P.

We got our policy yesterday and last night we explained to our son, the Doctor, about why we wanted to have this protection. He surprised us with a tearful hug and admitted that he was very concerned about our future. He said he has seen so much devastation in his practice and that he was powerless to help his patients beyond diagnosis and treatments. Thank you for your guidance and professionalism.

Wow, I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall for that moment. Have him call me after his wedding this summer so he can give his bride a gift of dignity. You guys are so inspiring.

Barry Engelman, Private Wealth Advisor in Los Angeles

During the course of my career, I have written dozens of letters of recommendation. However, none have been more deserving of my praise than Charlie Nash. In the ten plus years we have worked together, Charlie has done more to help me grow my business than any other industry representative with whom I have worked. His knowledge and advice have been instrumental in helping me close a substantial portion of the long-term care policies I have placed over the years. As a result, I can't think of a single case that I have lost to a competitor. Without his support, this success rate would not have been possible. I can't think of a more dedicated and hard-working individual with whom I have worked than Charlie Nash. He would be a valuable asset to any financial services company.

Robert and Alexis W.

Our Advisor, told us you were painless and well worth the time spent to explore the very confusing world of long term care insurance plans. Best advice she has given us to date. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year……..

Painless? I like that. Reminds me of why I have had the same dentist for 35 years. You guys were fun to talk to about a very serious subject. I still laugh about Robert’s comment on this being tougher than the “sex talk.”

Sally and Paul S.

Our experience with long term care insurance began with a plan through my work as a grade school teacher. The first time we had to use it was very disappointing, as it did not cover home care.  My husband was injured from a scaffolding accident. Since I had to keep working, he was forced into a nursing home for 24/7 care.  Charlie showed us a plan that was more affordable and covered home care. I never dreamed that we would have needed it at our age.  As Charlie said “Accidents don’t care how old you are.”  P.S. Paul is back on the job.

You are not alone thinking you had coverage that would take care of you.  I'm greatful you were open enough to "hear me out" and learn more about what is available.  Remember you promised to educate your friends at work and bring them into the light...now if we could just get that Boss of yours to see how important it is to do the homework...especially since he is an education administrator.

Victoria L

When Charlie first responded to my oldest daughter's inquiry for information, I had no idea how important it was to my children. We would joke about nursing homes, but once Charlie got the conversation going, we found the perfect policy we needed. They encouraged me to apply and offered help with the premiums. My oldest daughter is a nurse and she admitted to me that she was very worried about her ability to take care of me as a single mom (my grandson has special needs).  Now my brother is dealing with his in-laws and their care needs. Charlie helped him to find support and guidance through Care Support Network. My family is so grateful.

The credit goes to Susan, who sent in the request on your behalf. You raised a wonderful daughter. She would be an awesome home care nurse.

Lucy B.

My financial planner recommended that I meet with Charlie Nash during a conversation about my estate. She knows what a devastating experience I had with my parents and more recently with my husband, over the last 10 years. I wanted to protect my kids from having to go through this and Charlie had the answer. He is spectacular. I am relieved knowing that my children now have a plan that will give them what they need to take good care of me without changing their lives or my grandchildren’s futures. Thank you.

Thank you.  As you know we are not done yet until I have exhausted all possibilities for Spencer. BTW your financial planner, Roberta, is one of a few that I would ever recommend to my clients.  She knows what she does best and leaves specialities like long term care insurance to those who are focused and experienced.

Alicia E.

Listen up everybody… Charlie Nash is a true professional. I was rejected by a major insurance carrier for long term care insurance. My plumber was at our home when I got the rejection letter. He heard my graphic reaction and I told him why I was angry. He sent me Charlie’s contact info and the rest is history with my recent approval for a policy that gives me what I need to help me grow old gracefully. Charlie was tenacious or as my plumber put it “TenNASHus”.

I guess it takes a pro to know a pro. I am tenNASHus when it comes to the most important insurance you will ever have. Great story and thank you for letting me share with my friends.

Irene and Bill Parker

I have never paid a premium with such enthusiasm as I do my long term care policy. Thank you for being so patient with us (especially my husband) as we finally addressed this concern. I wish my parents had met with you and avoided so much of the heartache they went through watching their life savings go down the drain. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Your words are so welcome as I meet with more people who are struggling to face the realities of aging and all the “surprises” that come with it. You did the hard part by allowing yourselves to listen long enough to hear the truths about Medicare and Medicaid. Your daughter will be able to do what she promised without the emotional and financial stress so many children face with their aging parents. Thank you...

John H.

I am a retired insurance agent with 40 years of placing home and auto policies. I was skeptical of meeting with Charlie on the internet but I figured I would get some information and could easily end our meeting. When he asked me what I did for a living, I told him that I was in real estate. The meeting ended with me making an application and feeling very good about the decision. Long term care insurance is a specialty product that is not shopped year after year and therefore it is important to design a plan that will serve a client for life. Charlie will be referred by me to my entire book of business because I have experienced his genuine desire and ability to write good business.
During the course of my career, I have written dozens of letters of recommendation. However, none have been more deserving of my praise than Charlie Nash. In the ten plus years we have worked… Read More

Barry Engelman, Private Wealth Advisor in Los Angeles

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